Sunday, November 4, 2007

New holiday/winter cards are in, after a long night of carving this stamp, I inked it with a delicate mixed blue and printed up a batch of lovely cards.

I've actually posted a tutorial or "how-to" on if you're interested in viewing the process.

I also used it as my December, 2007 challenge entry with my Street Team group!


melissakate said...

I liked your how-to. I have a very similar process. I'm not a huge fan of the speedycut though. I used it for a few designs and I feel like it's a lot harder to get fine detail. I guess you just have to be really gentle with it.

Rusty of RustedDesigns said...

It does take me a long time to get the details I want - I managed to do a really nice (ok, in my opinion) sea turtle though, and that inspired me to try more difficult designs.
The snowflake took about 5 hours from sketch to printing (with a lot of breaks) because it was done entirely with a fine-point tool with the exception of the outside.

melissakate said...

I like to use linoleum and I cut all the fine details with an exacto knife. Which maybe seems kind of crazily dangerous, but I try to always really take my time. I've never really taken stock of how many hours it takes to carve 1 block, but the blackbirds I just finished took quite a while. I usually do it over the course of a few days.

In My Head Studios said...

i like the ease of speedycut but also lament the lack of fine details. i use an exacto for small details on the speedycut. it's easy to zip off what i wanted to leave behind.

it looks as if you have practically mastered the lino cutter with it though. that print looks great!